March Update II

Los Moreno by Mercedes Floresias was selected by the 50PP as one of the best unproduced Latin@ plays.

This is a play for which I’m dramaturg, contracted by ScriptWorks and Teatro Vivo. I’ve been working with Mercedes, and the play is delightful. It’s incredibly hard to cast – a perfect cast would be trilingual (English, Spanish, ASL), with a variety of ages and identities – but to whichever company makes it happen, it will be worth it.


Sunday, I’m going to be Houston for the reading of Dogfuckers. 

(7pm if you can make it)

I’m also doing a writing workshop that afternoon on space and place and its role in generating playwriting — affectionately secretly titled F*ck the New York Apartment.

For years, when I was Lit Manager for Barnyard Theatre, I read play after play set in the old NY apartment; when I started playwriting in earnest, I started in resistance to these settings…

Trainwhistles = my version of the bedroom breakup scene (two gay runaway teens near the train tracks, sleeping on a rusted sofa).

Game = set in a grungy laundromat, in opposition to the plays set in sparkling cafes…

Even Dogfuckers is set on the porch and the interior of a house that is very much not a living room apartment…



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