And Then, She Picks Up the Sword

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Length: 90 minutes

(shorter one-act version for young actors available as well)

Casting: Roles for 12+ Actors

When both the bride and groom flee the wedding…

SYNOPSIS:    Well, the king is dead in the kingdom of Eastwood, and a kingdom needs a king, so it falls to Princess Wimberley to wed the obnoxious Prince Driftwood. Prince Driftwood seeks True Love, so he’s not on board with this plan either. Both the prince and the princess run away from their wedding, fleeing into the Forbidden Forest of Tez, dragging their reluctant attendants behind. In the woods, there’s a dragon who’s been turned into an old man and the boy he’s adopted, a vain artisan-witch and her annoyed henchman, a chorus of strange Dreamcreepers, and soon an outraged mother-of-the-bride, her son, and a female knight wrestling with complicated feelings for the princess.

WHY THIS PLAY:   This comedy originally written for teens is both inspired by and blows up familiar tropes in Shakespeare’s romantic comedies. It features dragons and sword fights between princesses and princes, lost memories, and a robust plot.

TO READ THIS PLAY: Contact Briandaniel or check it out on the New Play Exchange.