Mission Statement

Theatre-for-Teens should be awesome.

It should be better because it’s performed by teens. It should be artistically vibrant.

It should be entertaining while being about something.  It should never be stupid or condescending. It should elevate. It should be bold.

It should be art!


  • Most of my theatre-for-teens work is initially written for and with a group of young people.
  • We use devising techniques, kinesthetic dramaturgy, and “cold performances” to create material that I use as a starting point when writing the script.
  • Most of these are initially produced with that group, which allows us to troubleshoot and helps set a course for future revisions.
  • I then adapt the scripts for others to use.




THE ODYSSEY: a series of banquets | 12-50 Actors | 100 minutes | The classic play with a modern twist. Created for a flexible cast. Built to optimize cafetoriums and non-traditional performance spaces.
DOLCE or CLOWN CHORUS…TURBINADO TRIPLETS | 9-19 Actors | 110 minutes | Triplets are orphaned and separated. They reunite once a year, until the differences in their lives tears them apart. The three live very different lives, until tragedy pulls them back together.
FOREVER CHRISTMASTOWN | 15-25+ Actors | 95 mins | It’s June, and Forever Christmastown, a poorly run holiday-inspired theme park, is reopening. They’ve just hired Claire, or “Tinkle,” who is exited to work. She’s sure that the real Santa will pay the park a visit. You know, assuming that it isn’t shut down for tax fraud. 

[a play for distance] THE SECRET LIVES OF GAMERS & DEAD ASTRONAUTS | 5-6 Actors | 80-95 min | Five years ago, Corey’s astronaut sister died on an expedition to Mars. Now his brother Carl searches Antartica for meteorites while his best friend Lexington tries to revolutionize Public Access Portland. Corey is stuck streaming games from his basement over Twitch when a mysterious stranger from another planet begins to play along.
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THE TWELVE HUNTSMEN | 13+ W / 5+M | 90-150 min | The Brothers Grimm tromp through the forest in search of fairy tales and stumble into a story: “Cesario” and a band of eleven women have disguised themselves as Huntsmen. The women tell stories inspired by food. Some are dark, some comic, some strange, some new, and some familiar. Each Huntsman has a story, but not all are told every night.
Space Carl copy
SPACE CARL or HOW TO GET LOST ON PLANET VENUS | 9-20 Actors | 85 min (can be trimmed) | In the time of pirates and swords, Carl’s on a hero’s journey when he is abducted by an alien who takes him to the Lost Planet Venus. Along the way, he is pursued by the queen’s henchdog and henchcat, evades massive mantises, meets a hermit poet evolved from hermit crabs, and more.
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THE UNTITLED PIRATE PLAY | 10-20+ M/W | 70-80 min (can be trimmed) | Carl has stowed away on Captain Greenery’s merchant vessel, The Hubris, in search of adventure, not knowing that the dreaded No Beard and his band of pirates have disguised themselves as sailors.
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[VIRTUAL PERFORMANCE EDITION] SPIN THE LONELY WORLD | 9-25 Actors |10-75 min |  Seven short plays about transformation are knitted together by a ring that’s passed from a major character to a minor character. You can begin this play on any piece and eventually you will return to it. EX: After a lonely woodcarver makes a puppet, who then carves more puppets to deal with her loneliness. A young girl deals with the grief of losing her parents by hunting death. AND MORE.
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AND THEN, SHE PICKS UP THE SWORD | 12-20 M/W | 60-90 min (two versions available | In a play that borrows from Shakespeare’s comedies, Princess Wimberley and Prince Driftwood do not want to marry each other, but their parents have other plans. They both flee their wedding to hide in the Forbidden Forest of Tez, dragging along their attendants. There, they encounter dragons, witches, mysterious Dreamcreepers, and a knight who isn’t what he seems.
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THE JUNGLE BOOK | 8-13+ M/W | 75-80 min | A new adaptation follows Mowgli’s struggles to fit in with wolves, apes, snakes, and finally humans. Masks, puppets, and contemporary elements like a trip to the Starbucks in a cell-phone obsessed city make this a unique version of an old tale.
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[a different] ROMEO & JULIET | 8-20 M/W | 75 min | An adaptation of the Bard’s classic play with a twist: Romeo and Juliet are both boys. The LGBTQ adaptation was written for a junior high drama class in Texas. Although a campy comedy, the play turns serious late – before finding a happy ending for Juliet and his Romeo.
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NAMELESS IN THE DESERT | 5-50 M/W | 40-80 min | Nameless awakens in the desert. He doesn’t know who he is, but he knows he has a desire for greatness — and a sword. He goes gallivanting to defeat various villains that need defeating. Even as he achieves greatness, he remains unhappy, and so he continues his search for himself.
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THIRD STREET | 7-15 W/M | 75 min | Shane dreams of knighthood as he trains for a Ren Faire when the local bully begs for help: Otis claims to have seen man-and-cat-eating dinosaurs. Imaginary worlds collide as Shane’s fantasy helps Otis flee his nightmares, and the boys realize how much they have in common.
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VERY BEST COFFEE | 4+ W / 6+ M | 80 min | In Orington, men go to Football Rehearsal and women go to Crying Practice. In Orington, everything is good, good, good – and then a stranger arrives and true desires are revealed. Chaos ensues – until the social order comes roaring back. Appropriate for teens and adults.
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DELETED SCENES FROM FAIRY TALES | Flexible| A group of fairytale-telling creatures entertain a bored kid with new scenes from old stories. The number of actors and stories can be adapted to fit different needs.
{More} Deleted Scenes
[MORE] DELETED SCENES FROM FAIRY TALES | Flexible | In the same vein as the original.  In this one, the Three Little Pigs are in a band dealing with a fox who wants to replace their homes with condos, Snow White forces the dwarf union to strike, Little Red doesn’t realize that her grandmother has been replaced by a wolf, and Humpty Dumpty’s social media addition leads to a fall from great heights.

And for Mature High School Students and Young Adults

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BASEMENT DEMONS AND TRAILER SAINTS | 3 W / 2 M / 1 Non-binary | 100 mins | In a small town in California, Maria wants nothing more than to meet this mysterious Hank Lord she’s been talking to online. She hopes a romance will get her out of her house into adulthood. She’s willfully ignorant to the angst-filled journey her sister Dirt is going through. Neither know that Hank Lord is actually a demon.
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ICARUS LIVINGSTONE FALLS INTO THE SEA | 6-12+ M/W/NB | 100 min | A Chorus of the Dead puts the broken Icarus back together, telling him of his boyhood friendship with Tor, who would become the Minotaur in the Labyrinth, and with Theseus, who would kill him. The path to his final fall is far from straightforward, and the Chorus tells of the cruelty of the tyrant – Tor’s father and king – and the world that made them. Modern elements like Youtubers mounting the 24-hour Labyrinth Challenge make this a relevant take on a classic story.
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TWO TRUTHS AND LIES | 9 M/W | 110 min | A play about the lies we tell when given the chance to invent ourselves. At a no-tech summer camp, teens re-invent themselves. Some spin fictions and live fantasies, while others deal with dark things, and another sees what he’s pretty sure is an alien. Relationships are formed and broken as lies are set on a collision course with uncomfortable truths.
THE APOCALYPSE PROJECT| 9-23+ Actors | 99 min | It’s 2024. Four years ago, everyone over the age of 20 disappeared from the planet. No one knows why. Then it happened again. Now young T dreams of the internet returning so she can be a Youtuber and document her generation. When a crisis expels a group of her friends, she joins the exiles on a trek across the broken land in search of New Eden. This is a play about what happens when the young are left to deal with the disasters in a world they didn’t create.