Ten-Minute Play List

One Invisible, One Made of Glass: 2 M / 2 W

One boy is invisible. The other one is made of glass.  They meet and fall in love. A sort of fairy tale.

2 M – youngish

2 W – middle-aged-ish

Last Human Person on Earth: 1 W /  2 M

Dr. Henry is the last human person on earth after his sister’s massive fart decimates the planet. So he builds himself a robot companion – Robot Eric. This play is theatricalizes the imaginations of two young queer kids figuring themselves out.

1W/2M – All the same age.

Ghost Story: The Covidecameron Project: 1 M –  [13 minutes]

Early in the pandemic, after a ghost vision has visited him, an involuntarily celibate dude sends a message to a woman he likes…. and starts to wrestle with his toxicity.

1 M – 20s

The Covidecameron Project was commissioned by Rudy Ramirez. The project consisted of digital projects inspired by The Decameron.

Knitted: 3 M / 1 Puppet

Piper is single and getting older, and a one-night stand leaves him with a pair of underwear, which he turns into a puppet. This puppet comes to life, and Piper must raise it.

2 M – 20-40 years

1 M – any age

1 puppet

Sarah Gets Married: 2 W / 2 M 

Sarah was raised by wolves… and now she wants to date. While her lupine habits may make things a bit challenging, nothing compares to the fact that she’s also being stalked by tigers.

2 W – 20-40 yrs

2 M – 20-40 yrs

Fatherhood: 2 M 

A pregnant dude deals with the anxieties of impending fatherhood – and the mystery of what impregnated him. Was it an angel? An alien? A demon? Or does he just have a beer belly?

2 M – 20-40 yrs

Sisters:  3 W / 1 M 

Conjoined twin sisters share a heart but disagree on everything. This changes when a man comes along with a second heart he’s willing to share.

2 W – 20-40 yrs

1 M – 20-40 yrs

1 W – 20-50 yrs

Hatcher Makes a Salad: 2 M / 2 W 

Upon returning from some god-forsaken place, Hatcher realizes that he has a parasite growing under his skin. At first resistant, he soon falls in love with the unborn creature, causing him to reevaluate his diet and life choices.

2 M  – 20-40 yrs

1 W – 20-40 yrs

1 W – 40-65 yrs

What Happens to the Weak: 1 W / 2 M

You eat what you kill, even if it’s an accident. A mother and son deal with the reality of a terrible life — and the weight of what it means to be a family.

1 W plays both 30-50ish and the same woman but 10-20 years older

1 M, 10-20ish who is later played by another actor

1 M, the same as the younger male, just 10-20 years older.

Nice Girls Grow Up to be Respectable Ladies: 1 M / 1 W / a couple chickens

After Chicken Noodle’s mother cuts off Mr. Pal’s finger, he’s ready to leave, but Chicken Noodle wants him to stay

1 W- 18-35

1 M – 22-40s

Trainwhistles: 2 M 

Young boyfriends Keester and Jer have run away from home to be together – and they are at a crossroads. National Finalist: KCACTF Ten-Minute Play Festival

2 M – 15-20 yrs.

History Games: 1 M / 1 W

A woman calls herself Amelia Earhart, and her brother tries to bring her back to earth.

1 M  and 1 W  | Any age

The Tapatio Contest: 2 M / 1 W

In an alleyway, a young queer girl competes with the obnoxious boy whose girlfriend she stole at taking shots of hot-sauce to the song Roxanne. 

2 M / 1 W – teenagers

Game : 2 W

In a laundromat, Marilu tries to do her laundry when a stranger who goes by Game enters and asks, “Are you my mother?” Marilu is not having any of it.

1 W – 30s

1 W – 18-30 yrs

Paris Park: 2 W

Two young mothers discuss their moral positions in the world while watching their children play – and hatch something far more sinister.

2 W: 20-35