On the Other Side of the Mirror

Length: Depends on how it’s produced

Casting: 10-21+ actors

A tale of magic and dragons

This site-specific journey play that divides the audience and has them follow two interrelated stories told simultaneously. 

SYNOPSIS: Half of the audience begins in the Den of Thieves in the Badlands following the story of Geeri, a budding sorcerer and “other” who wants the dragon for his magic. The other half starts at the Royal Palace of New Dominoso, tracking the exploits of Nigel Wunderkind Kertuckle III, a great monster slayer, who wants the heart of the dragon for his own purposes. Set in motion by Magic Mirrors who only want to make mischief to entertain the audience, the stories are fated to converge in a magical ending of either sadness or reconciliation.

For the audience following Geeri, Nigel is the villain, while Nigel’s audience sees threat from Geeri. Audience members who see both sides may notice that the system itself, which they are a part of, drives the conflict. Good versus evil is a bit more complicated than it appears to be. 

WHY THIS PLAY: Inspired by ’80’s fantasy movies, Renaissance fairs, and even Avatar: the Last Airbender, this ambitious play is a memorable experience for actor and audience member alike. Despite being written for outdoor performances in found spaces, locations like the Hotel Insomnia and the pirate-like Den of Thieves provide plenty of flexible design opportunities. Actors are encouraged to use improv to help the audience immerse themselves in the stories.

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