The Untitled Pirate Play

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A sea shanty


It’s the time of sea shanties and pirates.

Seeking adventure – and to move out of his parents’ basement – young Carl stows away aboard The Hubris, the greatest ship ever built. The Hubris is owned by Captain Greenery, who with his first mate Cankle seek to rescue a herd of corgis gifted to him by the Queen of England from a band of pirates. He has hired a crew of sailors, all named Jim, to work his ship.

These sailors are themselves secretly pirates lead by Captain No Beard, who scheme to make The Hubris their own.

This swashbuckling comic adventure includes sword fights, a kraken attack, a battle between ships (which can be performed with puppets), a tempest, a Caliban-like creature who lives on a moving island, a minotaur, references to The Goonies, a haunting underworld beneath the ocean, betrayal, and a friendship with a rat named Willard. It also asks, when power corrupts, what is the price we pay to make a legacy?

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About the Play

Actors: 10-20 actors. Gender Flexible. (The gender breakdown in the script reflects the original production; future productions should make changes according to their actors.)

Run Time: 75 minutes unedited. For younger actors, I would recommend making cuts.


Read the Play

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