• Writing Coach | $50/hour
    • I am a process-based writing coach. I focus first on the writer’s needs, and secondly on the craft of the writing itself. I have experience working with writers at all levels. Writers leave each session with three things:  1) a specific idea of what to do next 2) enthusiasm for doing this 3) a concrete deadline.
  • New Play Dramaturgy | Rates Vary by Project
    • I’ve studied, worked with, and/or created numerous new play development models. I’m passionate about new play development. I can consult on processes or specific projects, run talkbacks, and more.
  • Commission | Rates Vary by Project
    • Theatre-for-Teens Collaboration
      • I work with a group of young people to build a script using devising techniques, improv, kinesthetic dramaturgy, and “cold performances” as the source material. The result is a play that challenges the young people while playing to their strengths.
    •  Traditional Commissions
      • One Acts for competitions
      • Monologues for auditions and short-short plays
      • Full Length Adaptations
  • Master Classes
    • Cracking the Short Play
    • Breaking Through Writer’s Block
    • Generative Intensive
    • Writing from Place
    • The Writer’s Workshop
    • Working with the New Play
    • Making a New Play with Young People

Contact me at BriandanielOglesby (at)