Brothers, Sisters, Santos: Stories from Familia Rojas

*Named as one of 50pp’s Best Unproduced Latin@ Plays of 2018

*Read at the Avante Project’s FuturX: A New Latinx Festival

About the Play

Brothers, Sisters, Santos is a collection of three short plays about generations of immigrant siblings — the things that connect them, the things that tear them apart. These three plays can be produced together or individually.

Read the play at the New Play Exchange.


The Plays

Mentirosa | 3W, 1 M

Originally produced as a ten-minute play titled The Disappearing Rose Trick, in sisters Melina, Graciela, and Rosa recount a few stories about growing up. Melina is the smart one, Graciela is the pretty one, and Rosa is the one who lies. Their lives change when a wolf comes to town.

Doctors Without Borders | 2 M

Whatever Marco did, Teo would do. Teo became a doctor because Marco became a doctor. In the kitchen of their childhood, under the eyes of saints, the brothers replay what should have been a conversation, an argument, something. This is a play about what goes between the lines, how we earn our place in heaven, how earn our place on earth.

Between Brother and Sister  |  1 M, 1W

Martin and Briana recount a car trip when they were younger — and tell the story of the brother they lost.

*Best of the Best of Fest, FronteraFest 2015

2-4 M / 3-4 W | 75 mins
2-4 M / 3-4 W | 75 mins

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