Deleted Scenes from Fairy Tales

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Read HERE:Deleted Scenes from Fairy Tales D8_Dec2017

The Story

A group of fairytale-telling creatures entertain a bored kid with new scenes from old stories. The number of actors and stories can be adapted to fit different needs.

Current Deleted Scenes include:

  • The Little Mermaid who saves an orca and decides to leave behind her fins to become a crusader to Save the Whales.
  • Rapunzel getting her hair stuck in a woodchipper – and having to save herself when the doofusey prince fails to rescue her.
  • Beauty and the Beast are unable to make their relationship work once the relationship happens… which is staged as a clown WWE wrestling fight.
  • an obscure story about Death’s Messenger being unable to save the love of his or her life
  • the witch from Sleeping Beauty wasn’t always so cruel. In fact, she wanted to be a dancer
  • Goldilocks breaks into the three bears house and throws a crazy party