Space Carl or How to Get Lost on Planet Venus

Space Carl copy
Image designed by Skybridge student, NL.

Length: 80-95 minutes

Casting: Roles for 9-20 actors of any gender

Aliens and pirates, oh my. 

SYNOPSIS:    In the time of knights and pirates Carl leaves his home of New Guatamica to see the world. His attempted hero’s journey has him stumbling on a space ship carrying an alien with a mission – to return a crystal bogey to the McGuffin Temple on the Lost Planet Venus. In pursuit of Bob the Marley and now Carl are the henchpets representing the Zoloftian Queen of the Galactic Order, along with the massive mantises Phil and Estelle.

WHY THIS PLAY:    This play is intended to both embody and subvert traditional tropes in the hero’s journey, while playing with the genre of science fantasy. As per usual, we seek to find a place for fun and meaning.

This play features a hermit-crab hermit poet, aliens who share a brain and heart, sword fights, spaceship battles, gigantic venus fly traps, body switchers, time travelers, talking cheese experiencing existential angst, improvised monologues, a death picked randomly every night, and more.

The play is up on the New Play Exchange, or you can email me.