Forever Christmastown

Flexible Cast: 14-25+

Length: 90 minutes

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SYNOPSIS: It’s June, and Forever Christmastown is reopening. The holiday-inspired theme park in Bastrop County, Texas, (you know, like a Ren Faire, but Christmas), was closed because of lawsuits, and then they had to deal with wild boars, but now they are back in business. They’ve hired Shannon Bennett, a 90’s actress from Santa’s Wife I, II, and IV, to play Mrs. Claus, along with an alternative Santa (he’s in a band), and a new, unpaid intern elf they’re calling “Tinkle.”

And Tinkle, she’s stupidly excited. See, her mother always told her that, well, Santa is her father. She’s sure that the real Santa will pay the park a visit. You know, assuming that it isn’t shut down for tax fraud. 

These kinds of things tend to escalate, and after an odd ‘miracle,’ Tinkle finds herself leading a cult of Santacolytes. And when their “Mrs. Claus” runs off with the park’s co-owner, she also finds herself leading a revolution as Forever Christmastown declares itself a sovereign nation.

This is a play about toxic nostalgia and our very human tendency to double down on stupidity.

WHY THIS PLAY: This is Noises Off meets The Santa Clause, with plenty of Avenue 5 and, I don’t know, Veep. It’s the kind of play where lost kids are sent to the Krampus Corner.

This large cast comedy is intended to be produced out of the holiday season when a Christmas show would be inappropriate, but it also works for that winter timeslot. Casting is flexible, and provides opportunities for actors to play parodies of their favorite holiday characters. It appeals to both people who leave Christmas trees up until Valentine’s Day and to people who are over it. Also, the Texas / Ren Faire / Christmas design opportunities are fun.