The Secret Lives of Gamers and Dead Astronauts

Length: 80-95 minutes

(length varies depending on internet lag)

Casting: Roles for 5-6 Actors

SYNOPSIS: Five years ago, Corey’s astronaut sister died on an expedition to Mars. Now his brother Carl searches Antartica for meteorites while his best friend Lexington tries to revolutionize Public Access Portland. Corey is stuck streaming games from his basement over Twitch when a mysterious stranger from another planet begins to play along. 

WHY THIS PLAY: In a story built out of Youtube broadcasts, Twitch streams, Public Access Portland, Zoom and FaceTime calls, this is a play about connecting over distance for the current moment. This was built to be a “Zoom Theatre” play, but can also be performed with a live audience.

Script available on New Play Exchange or by contacting Briandaniel.