The Apocalypse Project

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Flexible Cast: 9-23+

Length: 99 minutes

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Synopsis: It’s 2024. Four years ago, everyone over the age of 20 disappeared from the planet. No one knows why. Then it happened again.

On the Altierra compound in Texas, young T dreams of the internet returning so she can be a Youtuber and document her generation. When a crisis expels a group of her friends, she joins the exiles on a trek across the broken land. This group faces constant danger as they search for safe-harbor – and possibly the answer to the question of what happened — at the rumored New Eden. This is a play about what happens when the young are left to deal with the disasters in a world they didn’t create.

WHY THIS PLAY: Along the way, the crew experience a strange and yet recognizable landscape. They encounter an authoritarian farm, anarchist Firestarters, feral children, Sad Disneyland, and ruined hometowns. This rich world provides design opportunities for the crew, but can also be done affordably. 

There are moments of intensity and plenty of humor. Every part can be played by any gender, and productions should adjust to the actors. 

Finally, this play culminates with a letter from the missing adults, which is read by someone in the audience.  For high school productions, please have this read by a parent if possible. The impact is much greater, and makes this play necessarily theatre.


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