Basement Demons and Trailer Saints

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In a small town in California, Maria wants nothing more than to meet this mysterious Hank Lord she’s been talking to online. She’s willfully ignorant to the angst-filled journey her sister Dirt is going through (while playing video games and building boats of popsicle sticks). Neither know that Hank Lord is actually a demon.

Meanwhile, Ella’s job at Taco Bell isn’t going well. Her manager, Kevin, won’t talk with her, and she is coming to terms with her own sexuality, and she keeps hearing the cries from the cows in the ground beef.

This awkward comedy about people connecting and disconnecting was described by an audience member as “Clerks meets The Goonies.”

3W, 2M, 1Non-binary


This play is best for companies that have college-age actors. This can also be produced by high schools with mature actors.