Basement Demons and Trailer Saints

Screen Shot 2018-03-11 at 8.07.05 PM

Length: 100 minutes

Casting: 3W, 2M, 1 Non-binary

A demon is cat-fishing the young people in a small town.

SYNOPSIS:    In a small town in California, Maria wants nothing more than to meet this mysterious Hank Lord she’s been talking to online. She’s willfully ignorant to the angst-filled journey her sister Dirt is going through (while playing video games and building boats of popsicle sticks). Neither know that Hank Lord is actually a demon.

Meanwhile, Ella’s job at Taco Bell isn’t going well. Her manager, Kevin, won’t talk with her, and she keeps hearing the cries from the cows in the ground beef.

WHY THIS PLAY:    This awkward comedy about young people connecting and disconnecting was described by an audience member as “Clerks meets The Goonies.”

This play is best for companies that have college-age actors or high schools with mature actors.