NAMELESS in Development Pictures

A few pictures as we prepare for Saturday’s performed reading of NAMELESS IN THE DESERT

7pm and 10pm in the outskirts of Davis, California

11144939_10103570126774181_3011887915314897421_o 11703599_10103570128186351_2521619604957890236_o11011018_10103570128286151_764795856649133152_o11224596_10103565128565631_8349008584806029945_o 11059719_10103565128954851_4567538871647901458_o 11713791_10103562093398131_5467571888462036691_o 11707768_10103562085843271_7982492354156773983_o 11709914_10103562090074791_2385377117272723967_o 11114820_10103562085838281_4148370743515477477_o


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