Still excited about this….

What’s the Big Idea?


Screen shot 2014-09-01 at 2.10.02 PM


In a jungle, dark and deep,
Hunters hunt, and creatures creep.
Betwixt vines and ferns, brush and leaves,
Hide yourself! You’re not as safe as it seems

Listen. There! You hear that howl?
Or possibly the hunting growl?
Akela’s pack is on the prowl
Wolves they are, without a cage
They wander up and down my page
(In hopes they will pace a stage)

An Idea that’s Big, in a block that’s black
For them this thing I must adapt.
And for the moment, I am spent
Mowgli’s story to them I’ve sent
My God! It is now, about, September.
The thing, it opens in November…
Our hymnals open take a look — 
I finished the next draft of The Jungle Book



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