For my short stint in the hometown, I have a few tasks in front of me:

– connect with the Sacramento theatre community

– spend time with my family

– grow up… 

2/3rds of the books donated to the Yolo County Library


As a kid, I spent recess reading R.L. Stine or Boxcar Children. I knew I wanted to be a writer when I was in fourth grade. So… I worked on it. Studied deeply. Collected a few thousand books. 

Now, I gotta clear out pieces of my childhood from Mom and Dad’s place. 

– o –

One week until the Sundance Theatre Lab

And then four weeks until I’m in New York for the Fringe. 

Publicity stuff coming soon…

– o – 

In other news, I just sent a couple scripts to Austin’s One Minute Play Festival. Should be back in Austin in time for the show. 



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