Finding the Play that Fits

Youth Theatre Journal has just come out with my newest article, Finding the Play that Fits. In it, I discuss the issues that arise when theatre directors/educators rely on canon work, and how it reifies exclusionary/problematic casting practices and makes certain stories invisible. I offer four solutions so that an educator/producer can always have a play that fits their group of actors.

The title is exactly what it’s about. I went with something didn’t sound terribly academic hoping more teachers would read it.

Not that many will be able to access it.

This process revealed to me that academic publishing is upside down. Rather than pay the writer, they ask the writer to pay to make their work open access. I could not afford the thousands of dollars for this, so I’m afraid that this is behind a paywall.

I’m proud of this article. I’m proud that it was published in a prestigious journal. I am sad that the prestige of the journal makes it harder for my audience to access it.


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