On the Other Side of the Mirror

I’ve completed a post-show revision, uploaded it to the NPX, and created a page for it. I’ll do a post mort breakdown of the development process as a resource for theatre educators / collaborative theatremakers, but first I have to edit/upload the videos so the community can see it.

I’m also working with Acme Theatre Company to do a 10-hour workshop of the play this summer. Every play needs a few voices, including this alt Ren faire, 80s fantasy, immersive bonkers play.

Small Steps

The first production is happening! Shrewd Productions is producing it in Austin in September. We’re looking for NNPN partners as well.

The Secret Lives of Gamers and Dead Astronauts

Hyde Park Theatre selected Secret Lives for the new play development workshop in the fall. This will culminate in a reading in early August.

The Apocalypse Project

I had hoped this play would wind up produced by colleges, and so I’m happy that the first college production will be happening in the fall at Crafton Hills College.

Theatre-for-Teens in General

Hey, look! I made a spreadsheet of my work for teens for easy access to everything.

AND I updated my catalogue of THEATRE-FOR-TEENS:


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