Dramatic Structure

I’ve been obsessed with this clip of a little boy asking Pete Buttigieg a question. I realized why: this video is a masterclass on dramatic structure

  • Starts in medias res
  • Illustrates characters through voice and action. Everything anyone says or does shows who they are.
  • Quickly establishes world and stakes with the parental request, “Ask your question.”
  • Introduces complication.
  • Escalates the complication
  • Has a strong, surprising turn at the climax (the boy jumps from the stage), which is fitting with the ‘bunny’ theme
  • Aces the dismount with Pete’s “button” line.

Note: Chasten, Pete’s husband, is a gay middle school theatre teacher.


In honor of Pride Month, I was on Jimmy Chrismon’s THED Talks again to discuss the LGBTQ+ Romeo & Juliet.

Note to self: never read the transcript of your own interviews. The marbled mess of incomplete sentences and dropped in ‘likes’ will make you crazy.

Screen Shot 2019-07-02 at 11.58.31 AM.png

Pride Month is over.

Long live Pride!


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