A few pictures from And then, she picks up the sword, the new play for middle school students. I’m editing the current draft after the production – tweaking the pieces that I realize I wanted tweaked. It runs about 70-75 minutes. I plan to document the process that built this play, though I don’t know the best place to publish such a thing.



I mentioned recently that I’ll be working on a new play at James Madison University this summer. Stoked to bring this quirky bit of theatre to Virginia, and thrilled to work with undergraduates on it.

My friends at Acme Theatre Company in Davis are producing The 12 Huntsmen, which they’d commissioned a few years ago.

Small Steps was selected for B Street Theatre’s New Comedy Festival. It will be read sometime between June 26 and July 1 in Sacramento, and will be considered for full production for next season. As a native of the Sacramento area, I’ve very much wanted my work produced professionally at the local companies; if Small Steps has a world premier at B Street Theatre, I’ll do a death drop at the state capitol.


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