A mention in Comstock’s

Comstock’s, a Sacramentan business mag, interviewed me for a featured article on the Ground and Field Festival, which highlighted The Briars.

Read it: https://www.comstocksmag.com/web-only/ground-field-theatre-festival-showcases-new-works-davis

I made a few mistakes in my interview. I’m quoted as having said, “I think that a thriving theater community helps create a desirable place to live, and I also think that a desirable place to live creates a thriving theater community.” And I generally believe the first part of the sentence, but I disagree with the latter – an affordable place to live creates a thriving theatre community. So, well. Oops.

I do wish the article’s writer had given Tom and Danika Burmester, who co-founded the Festival, more credit. Danika directed my piece, and did a magnificent job, and Tom clearly built an incredible amount of the infrastructure of the Festival.

Still, it’s nice to be included, and the Festival was ridiculous in the best sense of the word.


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