New play development gives me happiness like nothing else, and I’m honored to dramaturg for Stories of Us, coming up at Teatro Vivo in Austin. I am a particular breed of dramaturg, a working breed, like a sheepdog or something, and that breed spend hours herding the metaphorical sheep for this play…

Damn, that metaphor falls apart like wet paper, doesn’t it?

Anyway, in the coming months, I’ll be putting up a services section. I’ve avoided doing this for more than a year because I wanted to get the branding right. There isn’t a word for a “dramaturg but for fiction and some kinds of essays and nonfiction, too.” But perfect is the enemy of good, so I’ll say screw it.

Speaking of services, this summer, I’ll be working on a commission for a TYA / Theatre for All Audiences play with Acme Theatre Company. TYA seems to be much of my life as of late.


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