Update: Hatcher in New York

My short play Hatcher Makes a Salad, about a man who begins to love the parasite feeding on his arm, will be part of Gestures, an evening of ten-minute plays in Brooklyn. More info here


Don’t forget: Out of Ink in Austin and Buffalo United Artists in New York are on their way…

Other projects in the cooker:

Between Brother and Sister and The Disappearing Rose Trick are two short pieces about generations of the Rojas family. I’ve been working on taking these two and a third and turning it into an evening of theatre. The project — a three one-act play — is tentatively titled Brothers, Sisters, Santos. 

These are stories that are loosely inspired by my mother’s family.

Very loose. Loose in a way that both protects the family and endangers them. I want to tie balloons to each of the characters that say, “NOT MY FAMILY I SWEAR,” so audience members would never forget.

Lately, I’ve been thinking about Catholicism. The simple view on Catholics is that you must do good works to earn your spot in heaven. I’m not Catholic. I was raised by a lapsed Catholic, but someone who, when I asked her favorite saint, she sent me two. I’ve been thinking, lately, about my charge. Our charge. Our share of the burden. That’s what I’ve been calling it. How we intercede. How we make a change.

How we earn our place on this earth.


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