The Jungle Book

I have so many thoughts — all of them positive — about The Jungle Book.

Mainly, they consist of HOLY CRAP. It was exactly what I believe theatre should be.

A little too fast. A little dangerous. At any moment, the wheels could come flying off…

The collaboration was humbling in the ways that collaboration should be. They used the play as a canvas on which to paint their own vision. Most of the cuts they made, most of the suggestions they made in terms of scenes and development, were right square on the money, and when a company can work through your play, change it, and make it better, well, it reveals two things: one, you’re made better by the people around you, a playwright ain’t an infallible god and, two, you can live in a world where others tell you what to write.


Here’s the local paper’s coverage.

And if you donate (and let me know), I’ll send you a DVD of the play when it comes out.

Big Idea is a home for theatre artists in Sacramento, and I want to support ’em in that.

baloo & bagheera

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