She Gets Naked in the End with Barnyard Theatre

So this is my theatre company.

We do theatre in a barn.

(Hell, add us on facebook.)

We produce and develop new work. One of my major roles in the company is putting together The Nights of New Plays Festival for this purpose.

This summer, we’re also developing my play, She Gets Naked in the EndWe’re presenting this as a workshop production. We want to see how it works on its feet, how we move through the story.

Alicia Hunt is directing, with Barnyard actors and tech folks. We’re producing it at The Grange Performing Arts Center in Sacramento. July 6 and July 7.

More info at the Barnyard website

In She Gets Naked,

Every night, an untouchable woman walks into the Copper Hog bar like she owns the place, but always leaves alone. Men fall over themselves trying to get her attention, but it’s a woman from her past who forces her to give up her secrets.

She Gets Naked in the End will go through a weeklong rehearsal and design process, culminating in two staged performances.

We’ll be getting the publicity imagesout into the world soon. In the meantime, I’m posting the following picture.


It's a selfie. I was in drag.


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